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You can also stream "Villisca" via Vimeo Video-on-Demand for just $2.99!  View the free excerpt below.



Buy America's Greatest Unsolved Mystery on DVD!

"Villisca" is available on DVD below (direct), streaming via Vimeo, Netflix, Family Video, Amazon.com, and most online DVD retailers.

DVD Features include:

  • the feature-length documentary

  • full-length commentary audio track by historian Dr. Edgar Epperly

  • full length commentary audio track by filmmakers Kelly & Tammy Rundle

  • additional and extended scenes

  • behind-the-scenes

  • theatrical trailer

  • "Villisca" radio spots

  • rare 1963 Villisca murder radio broadcast

DVD - 116 min. (plus approximately 50 minutes of additional content, not including the 4-hours of feature commentary)

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You'll find more "Villisca" books and videos in the Villisca Emporium.

Thank you for ordering "Villisca."

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"Villisca" Documentary DVD




Send check or money order for $19.99 (including shipping/handling) for each DVD to:

Fourth Wall Films
P.O. Box 702
Moline, IL 61265

Please email us for mailing information.


Common Queries Regarding the DVD

1. Why only DVD?   Will "Villisca" be available on VHS later?

"Villisca" will be available on DVD format only.  DVD players are very inexpensive now and the DVD format allows us to include additional features not available on VHS.

2. Why is the price a bit higher than what I'm used to paying for DVDs?

Hollywood studios sell DVDs by the tens of thousands of units.  Those huge quantities cost less per unit to reproduce and consequently they can sell their product for less.

3. Can I buy or rent the "Villisca" DVD anywhere else?

"Villisca" is now available for sale and/or rent in over 60 stores in 8 states.  Our growing list is included below.


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Family Video - CLICK HERE for a store list (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan)


Top of Iowa Welcome Center - Northwood, Iowa

Collins Road Theatres - Marion (Cedar Rapids), Iowa

Living History Farms Gift Shop - Urbandale, Iowa

Southern Iowa Gateway Mercantile - Lamoni, Iowa

The Book Vault - Oskaloosa, Iowa

George Jay Drug Co - Shenandoah, Iowa

Luther College Bookstore - Decorah, Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa Gift Shop - Des Moines, Iowa

Heart of Iowa Market Place - Des Moines

Western Historic Trails Center Gift Shop - Council Bluffs, Iowa

Stoner-Honeyman Drug - Villisca, Iowa

Casey's General Store - Villisca, Iowa

Taylor Pharmacy - Clarinda, Iowa

Captain Video - Glenwood, Iowa

Agora Arts - Decorah, Iowa

New Strand Theatre - West Liberty, Iowa

Carey's Electronics - Spencer, Iowa

Videos Plus - West Des Moines, Iowa

ET Video - Iowa

Video Warehouse - Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa Video - Des Moines, Iowa

Video Escape - Creston, Iowa

Tiger Land Video - Red Oak, Iowa

Don Rogerson Book Store - Red Oak, Iowa

D & G Corner Post - Corning, Iowa

Video Warehouse - Emmetsburg, Iowa

Video Warehouse - Estherville, Iowa

Video Warehouse - Jefferson, Iowa

Video Warehouse - Spencer, Iowa


Ellsworth County Historical Society Gift Shop - Ellsworth, Kansas


Scarecrow Video - Seattle, Washington


Wild and Woolly Video - Seattle, Washington


Casa Video - Tucson, AZ

Buy "Villisca" on Amazon.com




4. What about my local video store?

Call them and encourage them to contact us.  We expect to add more outlets prior to the upcoming Holiday season.   Your local video store can also special order the DVD for sale to customers on an individual basis.

5. Can I use the "Villisca" DVD in a classroom?

No.  That would be a public performance.  As with all feature films and other media projects, DVD videos are for private home use only.  Unauthorized public showings, duplication, or broadcast consitute a violation of United States Federal Copyright laws.  There is a special version of "Villisca" on DVD with a study guide for institutional use, or you can contact us to purchase a "public performance" license for a DVD you already own.  You can also make arrangements, as several others have done, to license a public showing of "Villisca" as a fundraiser for your non-profit organization.

6. I own a video rental store and I would like to sell and/or rent "Villisca."

To join our growing list of retail outlets featuring "Villisca," please e.mail us at villisca@aol.com for details.

7. I own a theater with digital cinema (multimedia or video) projection.  Can I still book "Villisca" for theatrical showings?

Yes!  We continue to have requests for theatrical engagements.  Contact us at villisca@aol.com for more information.  Current events are listed HERE.

Please e.mail us if you have any additional questions and don't forget to order your copy of "Villisca" on DVD today!

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